Benefits of seawater

Benefits of sea waterMany people go to the beach for your holidays in order to relax, unwind, get in touch with nature and sunbathing. However, most don’t know what the benefits of the sea water in the body, both externally and internally.

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In China, the seawater is used for more than 4000 years ago. The pioneer was the Fu-Shi Emperor, known as the father of marine medicine. He recommended to drink water from the beach, eating algae and salts to recover and maintain health. Centuries later, the French researcher René Quinton discovered that seawater components were the same as those in the cells of the body, being very similar to blood plasma.

That is why continued his research between 1910 and 1950 by the Doctor Jarricot, who founded the so-called «marine dispensaries.» There seawater was used to cure various diseases, such as cholera, thyroid, malnutrition and skin problems. They were able to save thousands of lives, especially children. Seawater is then packaged it and called it «marine plasma». These clinics were also created in other countries, such as Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, South Africa and Spain.

New studies have shown that seawater clean the intestine, it gives energy, improves defenses and detoxifies the body. If malnourished children to drink three glasses of seawater per day, disappear their problem and improve their health.

Sea water has a different composition to that found in lakes, ponds or rivers. This has Zinc, iodine, potassium and trace elements that make a great «friend» for our skin and body in general. Among the main properties of seawater can find your antibiotic, ideal for advance wound healing processes effect.

On the other hand, floating in the sea or swimming in the waves used to relax muscles by the iodine, which in turn helps to recover from certain injuries. It is ideal for those who are doing or post-operative rehabilitation.

For those with diseases or respiratory problems are often recommended to breathe the sea breeze and take baths on the beach and salt water it helps the lungs to eliminate all toxins or foreign elements. Then, for productive cough, colds and other more severe ailments go to sea is an excellent cure.

Moreover, patients with rheumatic, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis benefit problems with seawater, whether performed in baths Beach can reduce severe pain that usually characterize these disorders.

By containing magnesium, seawater helps calm down and eliminate anxiety. Which it is why we spend a few days on the beach when there are so many people or in spas far from urban centers is a therapy that is recommended for those suffering from nervous disorders, depression or stress.

When you enjoy strolling along the beach salt water massages your feet in the surf at the same time, thanks to the texture of the sand moves through the water, the beads exfoliate.

Those living near the sea should make a therapy in this place at least once a week. If you are away from the beach, don’t expect your vacation to go, takes advantage of a weekend.

Seawater treats liver and kidney problems, because it allows regenerate cells that are damaged by cirrhosis, for example. In this disease much fluid accumulates in the belly, looking the patient is pregnant. Drinking sea water can eliminate this problem. There are also cases of people with kidney failure by drinking seawater suffer no more dizziness, vomiting or problems with urination.

For skin diseases such as psoriasis, it is recommended to rub with seawater. The scales features will become apparent and falling alone. Same for the scalp when it accumulates dead skin and itching.

It is used in turn to treat insomnia, then it is advisable to go to the beach for the day, take a walk on the beach or just stay in the waves for an hour breathing the breeze.

Enjoy your beach holiday and enjoy all the benefits that the sea offers for your health.

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