Ibiza curiosities

Cala de Ibiza 
Ibiza hides many secrets, many of whom barely know. Here we will reveal some of them

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Pirates stories said that there was so much salt in Ibiza would never not finished. White Gold Ibiza has long salt. From 600 BC salt is collected in Ibiza for over 25 centuries ago was one of the most inportant riches of the island that came to work over 1200 laborers in their salt mines. The salt was used in the absence of refrigerators to preserve food.

Ibiza island has a population of 133,702 inhabitants but comes to triple its population in the coming summer months to accommodate 400,000 people.

The maximum distance that can go on the island of Ibiza is 41 km from north to south and 15 from east to west.

In the event of nuclear war Ibiza will be the last refuge of the earth for their drafts, at least to a supposed prophecy of the famous clairvoyant Nostradamus Frances fifteenth century that has seen some of its many and curious prophecies fulfilled. According to the literal translation of his prophecy often interpreted several ways indicates «Ibiza is the last refuge on earth after Armageddon

Es Savinar tower or de cap de es Jueu and is currently best known as Pirate tower, take its name from the novel «Los Muertos Mandan (1909the Valencian writer Blasco Ibañez in which the protagonist of the history lived in the tower

The name of Ibiza comes from the Greek «YBSM» Pine Island. Name that reflects the large number of pine trees on the island of Ibiza. The name Ibiza evolved over time and the different cultures that have settled in the island. Ebysos (Greek), Ibosin (Phoenicians), Ebusus (Carthaginian), Aivis (Romans) Yebisah (Iberians), Eivissa (Catalan), Ibiza (in Castilian)

Santa Eulalia River is the only river in the Balearic Islands. The river of Santa Eulalia is a dry river since the high water demand by tourists forced to exploit the underground rivers that supply this.

The island of Ibiza has 210 km of coastline and a surface area of ​​572 km ².

The ball pages, the typical Ibizan dance is one of the oldest dances in Spain, although not very clear provenance.

The most expensive restaurant in the world is located in Ibiza. The new luxury hotel Hard Rock Ibiza houses inside the restaurant Sublimotion leaded by famous chef Paco Roncero supported by a team of 22 people offering a tasting menu for 1650 euros per person. This menu is a new visual interactive offerings in each of its 12 clients can enjoy taking the 20 dishes on the menus tasting while being served by costumed actors along with a set of lights and new sensations for 3 hours of the culinary show.

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