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Come to Ibiza and relax, discover the best places to be inspired by five senses

Can Curreu

Everything in this traditional Ibizan house located on a hill and immersed in a privileged natural environment helps make it a haven of peace and wellbeing. From the adjoining houses, linked by paved roads, where the rooms are located, pool, garden, with magnificent views of the bay, or private boat trips around the island organized for staying. But especially its spa, a space designed to achieve a balance between body and mind. Among its extensive menu of treatments that blend Eastern and Western wisdom don’t miss some of their rituals based on the four elements or receiving a burst of feelings that unites them all.


The spa is the culmination of this centennial Orientalist family farm surrounded by orange groves converted by owners instead of rest and relaxation, island-style mix and zen. If your Ibizan architecture with whitewashed walls and wooden ceilings, harmonized with African touches Arabs, Asians and makes Atzaró a comfortable and open space with lush gardens all year to enjoy the serenity of the countryside of Ibiza, it contributes to the spa . It is installed in various exquisitely decorated pagodas around the pool, and includes a temple to practice yoga and meditation, gym, hammam, Swedish sauna and a large pool that simulates a moving stream.

Hacienda Na Xamena

At the seaside and in the middle of a pine forest, the Hacienda Na Xamena is a glamorous hotel. The harmony of the exterior with the interior means: water rivers and waterfalls, patios, archways, galleries, plants and a typical white architecture with Balinese ethnic decoration or Arab influence. From each room one can be surprised by nature: the emerald sea, the wild cliff, the unforgettable sunsets, but it is in your spa’s Posidoniadonde a world of sensations one lives. Try their suspended waterfalls, your relaxation is assured.

Es Cucons

A Taoist massage or shiatsu. Perhaps yoga, pilates … or, why not, a trip of several days relaxing, Ayurvedic or romantic where losing track of time with your partner displeased spa with sauna and spa bath in full contact with nature. Any of the proposals in this charming family hotel is enticing, as well as relax in their rooms and suites rife with imaginative details and decorated with natural materials.

Can Lluc

In the heart of rural Ibiza, in an environment of great ecological value and exuberant nature, calm permeates every corner of this exquisite farmhouse overlooking the bay of Sant Antoni. It features a spa, chill-out area, pool in the gardens, massage services and rooms with bare stone walls and hundreds of places that have respected the traditional architectural essence in the midst of an estate of pine, carob, fig and olive trees.




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