The origin of hippies in Ibiza

Origen de los hippies en Ibiza

The precursors of Ibiza we know today, the Hippies are a group that colonized the island in the late 30s and early 40s.

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Even though they had a completely different view to that currently prevails in Ibiza, certainly has been the most influential in the future of our island.

His story begins in Ibiza in order II World War, where both European and American style disenchanted with their totally urban and industrial life, decided to break the patterns of time and discover a new horizon pristine and free to settle the new ultra-liberal movement was beginning to succeed in the world, the Hippies had come to Ibiza.

The crucible with the arrival of people from all continents got formed during the 60’s, Ibiza wins an international importance comparable to Hippie movement as bastions of San Francisco were in the United States or in Europe Amsterdam.

This caused large numbers of youth came to Ibiza with the desire to experience, to live or simply create their own experiences with this arrival, the island is adapted to your needs with which clubs, hotels and other infrastructure turístics began to appear all its corners, until, in the late 70s, although the Hippie movement was in its final stage, more and more young people looking to repeat those experiences that the big clubs, bars and parties for all corners of the island were responsible for offer.

As time passed, these businesses have adapted to the trends prevailing in the whole world and these experiences changed to the big business of the party and the music we know today.
Despite the big change we found between Ibiza Hippie and current, the legacy of the Hippies is still present in all markets, small shops all over the island or even parties like the Flower Power, which maintain the aesthetics and spirit ruled between 40 and 70.

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