Thursday at Ibiza

Supermartxe Bitch party Ibiza

 Tonight the parties start at Ocean Beach Club Ibiza and Km5

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Km5 Jet Club in Ibiza is the party that make every Thursday travel  without luggage, tickets and passports. The destinations are always a surprise: Tokyo, New York, Brazil… Through music and habitual residents Djs, Sidney Spaeth & Friends, Felix da Funk, BravoFox, Snakeman or Twism, an atmosphere that invites you to travel is generated through dreams. Come tonight to Km5 and travel with Jet Club!

Tonight from midday to midnight you must come to SuperMartXé Bitch in Ocean Beach Club Ibiza: 12 uninterrupted hours of pure party with all the magic and powerful staging of SuperMartXé. And the soundtrack is that the SuperMartXé DJs will put with the powerful voice of Nalaya.


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