The origin of the hippy culture in Ibiza

hippies in IbizaIbiza became famous for its hippie culture in the late 60s and early 70s, to the island comes a generation of young people who wanted to change the world and its ways, challenged the core values ​​of capitalism.

 Hippies in Ibiza are simple and austere life, close to primitivism, with a great spirit of freedom and contact with nature. In their ideology are basic values ​​of pacifism, tolerance and free love, take very innovative attitudes at the time and use drugs as initiatory journey.

A great change in this rebellious generation after finishing the summer of love in California and May 68 in France. The devaluation of the peseta in 1967 attracts the first hippies in Ibiza, and you begin to create a very strong movement. Begin to open the first related clubs to this ideology, the first was “Alex Baba’s cave”, created by Alejandro Vallejo-Najera. This place becomes fashionable and passing by famous rockers and people in the art world, the first Amnesia is also opened, which has evolved and today is considered one of the most important clubs in Europe.

Attracted by how free and wild life of the first foreign young people were added successive generations. Food markets that once roamed the villages become hippies markets where selling clothes and crafts that they made, and get money to live the rest of the year on the island or travel to other places.

The atmosphere of Ibiza is becoming gradually more sophisticated and commercialized, prices and increasingly expensive grows its popularity among European tourists, mainly British and Germans. Over time, the hippie way of life has remained a symbol of the past, hippies and street markets remain colonies, but the island currently stands out for young people who come to spend the whole extensive nightlife.


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